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Looking for the right job is a full-time activity itself. It requires time, effort, and strength of character as the rejection piles one after the other. Constant rejection can have an adverse effect on your overall physical and mental health. Here are a few tips on how you can cope with the stress as a hopeful jobseeker.

1. Stop with the negativities and take action

Understand that there will never be a perfect time nor condition to apply for a job. Stop making excuses and find time to fix your CV and start scouting online for jobs. There are no secrets, no shortcuts, and no miracles. Landing your dream job starts with you, making the first step and nothing else.

2. Create an action plan 

Now that you are determined to make your first move, it is best to create a concrete action plan. Update your CV, enhance your LinkedIn profile, and scout local job boards; do everything that needs to be done to get that job. You can also utilize your LinkedIn account to network with colleagues and former co-workers. You’ll never know when a referral can come in handy.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people

The reality is, not all people root for your success. Some anticipate your fall down so that you can join them in their misery. Avoid these types of people and instead surround yourself with those who share your passion and drive to succeed.

It’s best if you also reach out to other job seekers and compare notes. You can pool together ideas and strategize the best way to find the right job. You may also connect with recruiters to seek plausible advice.

Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and new knowledge can help to increase your motivation and reset your mood, making you more motivated to do better during your job hunt.

4. Prioritize your overall wellness

Job hunting can be taxing, but make sure that your overall health won’t suffer in the process. You need to make sure that you are in good shape, both physically and mentally, to survive the grueling process.

5. Don’t wallow in self-pity

When negative thoughts cloud your mind, remind yourself of your previous successes. Motivate yourself by envisioning the possible outcome of your life after all these trials. Let this vision be your green light.

6. Improve your skills

Know what skills you lack and make an effort to improve on these. Sign up to free classes online and allot a portion of your day for completing these classes.

7. Don’t get overwhelmed by your goals; focus instead on your progress

Celebrate your small wins. By recognizing your efforts, you’ll feel more motivated and confident. Each victory leads to even more significant success.


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