As we are now shifting to a more technologically innovative world, the purpose of social media platforms isn’t just limited to social engagement but also a zone for a job hunt. Technology has innovated digital ways to help recruitment. The relevance of digital platforms in the sourcing and hiring processes contributes sufficient data and more candidate references. With the help of AI and algorithms, in just one click, the process is shortened.

As the pandemic limits our face-to-face engagement, these digital platforms helped us go through our work set-up today as it can utterly function virtually. Network and social media became the new pool for sourcing. Research has shown that almost 80% of employers are now maximizing accessible and manageable digital platforms in their recruitment process.

Besides its help in recruitment, branding and advertising become easier since it has less expensive features than the traditional branding methods. Most digital platforms’ expenses are the premiums and boosting that benefit the business to grow and reach a wider audience. The digital media innovation for both social and corporate engagements continues.

The progress of technology also comes with the more tech-savvy generation. Given that change is the world’s one of the constants, we will never know how progressive the technology will be in many years to come, and before that time comes, utilizing these platforms helps us grow and thrive in the business.

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