As we continue to work in the new normal, regular check-ins with your employees are essential. This can help solidify your team’s camaraderie and lessens the stress they are experiencing from work and family. Here are a few tips to follow on how to support your team while working from home.

Be realistic with deadlines

If your team is loaded with too much work, it is better to meet up and set realistic timelines together. Come up with a systematic approach in meeting your deadlines and make sure that it is feasible for everyone.

Set end-of-day updates

Before the day ends, a quick 10- 15 min call to check your team’s progress can make a huge difference. To make sure it doesn’t take too much time, ask for their completed, ongoing, and future tasks. Also, don’t forget to check which of these tasks require your assistance.

Make one-on-one session a weekly habit

Individual check-ins allow you to discuss in detail any issues your employee might have throughout the week. While team meetings are meant to resolve the problems concerning the entire team, one-on-one sessions are meant for individual concerns.

Be gracious with your feedback

Feedback can be a double-edged sword. It can either motivate or demotivate an employee. Keep in mind that in giving feedback, regardless of whether it’s praise or constructive criticism, make sure that everyone understands it. Make them understand the WHY behind everything. Let it serve as their guide for their next course of action.

Prune these tips in accordance with your team’s need

These tips are not a definitive rule book that must be followed until its last dot. Know your team, understand their needs, and tailor fit your actions based on these needs. There’s no substitute for a personalized approach when it comes to handling your team.

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Source: Five Tips For Supporting Remote Team Productivity