Hiring managers often find themselves in a dilemma when selecting the best candidate for the job. Either they hire someone who has the perfect combination of skills and experience but somehow doesn’t fit well with the team or consider someone who‘s average in the skills department but has the perfect, open attitude that will surely fit the organization. If you are confronted with the same situation, consider the following tips before choosing the best person to man the job.

1. Skills change over time

Always remember that skills are always evolving. The skills your candidate possesses now might be outdated after a couple of months. Upskilling is a must, especially if you are in a highly competitive field.

Check with the candidate their thoughts and plans on keeping up with the industry changes. Take note of their willingness to update their skills and see how much effort they are willing to exert when updating their industry knowledge. Plus points for those who are always eager to learn something new every once in a while.

2. Always consider the requirements for the position

While attitude may weigh heavily over skills, we cannot deny that technical skills also matter, especially if a specialist must do the work. Recruiters cannot rely alone on a candidate’s positive attitude, especially if it is obvious that the job has to be accomplished by an expert. Weighing the situation lies in the hiring manager’s judgment, so always keep in mind the things that must be considered.

3. A positive attitude leads to a better workplace

In a highly stressful workplace, having co-workers who are fun and have a positive attitude can lighten the mood and ease the pressure. Debbie Downers of the corporate world is no fun and will only make any situation more complicated.

In choosing the right candidate, having a positive attitude is always a plus. While it may be impossible to find someone who has the same attitude as the rest of the team, an optimist can bring a lot more to the table, especially in boosting the team’s morale in times of trouble.

Finding the right candidate for the position is not an easy task. Many applicants are competitive but lack the right outlook, while some do not possess all the skills but have a more positive perspective in life. For situations like this, recruiters must be equipped with the right probing skills to see who fits best for the position. By asking the right questions and looking deep into their answers, one can see who is most qualified and will likely suit the organization. After all, one cannot simply rely on skills nor attitude alone. It must be a combination of both for the person to function well into the position.

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