Imagine this. You see a job posting that you think is perfect for you. You immediately send your generic resume in the hopes of getting the job. You do this several times, thinking that a recruiter will reach out soon. The thing is, recruiters receive tons of applications every day. Especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, many employees have lost their jobs, and hundreds are vying for a single position. As the competition gets more challenging, you need to set a strategy to set you apart from the others. You need to make sure that your resume will be read and examined by a recruiter and not just pass through unnoticed.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your resume will stand out online. 

1.Use your resume as your ultimate marketing tool.

Treat yourself as a brand and your resume as a marketing tool. Instead of doing the traditional listing down of your work history and letting these speak for itself, be more specific and include the significant contributions you’ve made for the company. If you’ve hit your monthly target or your project brought in a huge ROI, highlight these achievements in your resume.

2.Be observant and let the job posting be your guide.

Here’s a straightforward hack to make your resume more attractive. Pay attention to all the details stated on the job posting, particularly the job description. Usually, keywords are written to make it easier for the applicants to see the job ad. For instance, the admin assistant position usually includes keywords such as administrative duties, answering email queries, and computer literate. Have these on your resume to make it easier for the recruiters to notice your resume. 

3.Update your educational background

You should never stop learning just because you have earned your degree. There are a lot of free courses online that you could explore. Some of them provide certificates, while others require a small fee for it. Learning a new skill or information from industry experts is very convenient nowadays. Utilize your time and make an effort to learn something new. You’ll never know when this could come in handy.

Always remember that resumes should be used to highlight your skills and achievement rather than merely enumerating all your past work and earned degrees. This should be a tool you can use to make yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants and help you secure the job of your dreams.


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