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As the pandemic prolongs, more and more companies opt for a work at home setup rather than risk their employees getting infected. The need to adhere to social distancing is essential and as a result, huge conferences are getting canceled or moved to a later date. Given this circumstance, how does one establish a good network if there are lesser opportunities, to begin with? Here are a few tips on how you can network during a pandemic.

 Start with your inner circle

Since most of us are working at home, our constant socials are our immediate family, close friends, and existing co-workers. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a family member or relative recommending you to one of their friends. Make use of this time to update your family or friends regarding any plans for your career so, in turn, they can connect you to their circle should an opportunity comes.

Be active online

Now that almost everyone is active online, take advantage of the situation, and post more relevant content. Whether it’s related to a job hunt, promoting the services of your company, or simply expressing your thoughts on what’s happening nowadays, just post it online and interact with those who will respond.

Reconnect with others

Take advantage of the connections you have established before and make an effort to reconnect with them. Just a simple update on how your career has been doing or perhaps ask for work-related advice is a great opening to reestablish your previous connection. Seeking for new connections might be challenging, but reconnecting with others is a lot easier and less risky.

One sure way to battle this pandemic is by following the strict orders of social distancing. This can be challenging for those whose livelihood relies on or is interrelated with networking. While our physical movement might be limited, for the time being, this does not mean there are zero chances of building new work relationships. With a little creativity and perseverance, we can always work around the circumstances we are in and network effectively even in the midst of a pandemic.


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