Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

With the country experiencing a recession and an all-time high unemployment rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will there be any luck for hopeful job seekers out there? Those who have lost their jobs are deep in search of a new source of income. And if a job opening comes through, tons of applicants are vying for that single job opening.

Given these difficult circumstances, how does one successfully acquire a job? We asked one of our seasoned recruiters, Dolma Eusebio, for tips on how to make job hunting a success during this pandemic season.

On making your resume stand out

Give your resume a boost by summarizing the responsibilities per work experience. This gives recruiters a clear view of your previous work experience and how it can fit the job you are currently applying for. Similarly, highlight all relevant skills that you have and major achievements in your career. This will help recruiters see your potential for the job and how suitable you are for the position.

On acing your phone or virtual interview 

Whether your interview will be conducted over the phone or via video call always observe the 3Ps: professional, presentable, and prepared.

Recruiters appreciate applicants who observe proper decorum even if the interview is conducted over the phone. Avoid saying colloquial terms that might give off the impression that you’re not taking your interview seriously. Always remember, you are talking to a potential employer and not your peers. Therefore avoid casualness and stay professional.

In terms of being presentable, this is vital especially now that the majority are working from home. Before your scheduled date, make sure to check if your equipment and surroundings are conducive for the interview. Always dress appropriately and don’t forget to smile at your interviewer. This gives an impression of self-confidence which recruiters always appreciate.

Lastly, always come prepared. Make sure that you’ve read the job posting thoroughly and have made your research about the company and its industry. Interviewers often ask if you know anything about the company to gauge your interest in acquiring the position. Coming in prepared also creates an impression that you are well aware of what is expected from you if you will be hired.

On applying during these difficult times

As the Covid-19 pandemic prolongs, more and more Filipinos find themselves losing their jobs and compete for limited job openings. A word of advice from our recruiter, Dolma Eusebio:

“Never give up. At times like this, we should double our efforts because we’re not just aiming for a job for personal satisfaction, but rather for peace of mind that we will be able to provide for our family. If you are an active applicant, you have the right to have multiple applications, but be diligent enough to research the company and make sure that you’ve read and understood the job description because that’s where the basic questions will come from. Do not forget to be polite and engaging as your recruiter will be the first step in expanding your connections.” 

We are indeed living in challenging times; it is even more difficult if one finds himself unemployed. However, we must not lose hope and always try to keep a positive attitude. With hard work and continued persistence, eventually, you will find the right job that will sustain you financially and help you reach your career goals.