The pandemic has changed the way we do things. The way businesses operate, the heavy transition to online, even the way we communicate with others has changed. Networking is one of the many aspects that have been affected by the pandemic. The simple act of inviting someone to discuss business over coffee is a huge no-no nowadays. Now that everyone is trying to adapt traditional practices to fit the new normal; networking strategies are also shifting to cope with the changes. Here are three surefire ways to help you continue networking during the pandemic.

1.Be creative 

The physical movement might be limited, but this should not hinder you from building your network. One of the best things that come with our technology-driven world is that we have multiple ways of reaching out to others at our disposal. A face-to-face meeting might not be encouraged, but inviting others over a virtual meeting can serve as an alternative. 

Another way of reaching out can be through connecting with others via social media platforms. Craft a personalized invitation letter stating your purpose for connecting can help you get noticed by the person you wish to communicate with. As for rekindling old professional relationships, a simple message of asking how they are managing during these challenging times can serve as a good start.

2. Build a stronger online presence

Since most of us are now more active online, if you want to get noticed and build a good network, you have to make sure that you have a robust online presence. Update your profile on your different social media accounts. Use your latest and best photo, one that showcases your most professional image. Be active. Share relevant information from reliable sources, add in your thoughts and invite others for their views on the topic. This encourages your existing network for an active discussion. Thus, helping you keep a professional and relevant image within your circle.  

3. Utilize your own contacts 

One of the most effective ways to network is by relying on your own set of contacts. Setting up an introduction through mutual connection is a foolproof strategy. Make this adaptable to the new normal by asking first for an introduction before proceeding with a video call. Having someone as a common ground can ease both parties and give you more confidence in approaching your new contact. Just make sure to be on your best foot forward and be clear on your purpose to avoid wasting away the opportunity.

Networking during a pandemic can be a challenge. But with a bit of creativity and hard work, all these are still feasible and manageable. You just need to expand your way of thinking and look for new ways of establishing a professional relationship. 


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