The pandemic has brought a new wave of remote working. Pre-pandemic, working from our homes’ comfort was an idea that wasn’t thoroughly entertained by traditional companies. However, when the pandemic struck, it became a necessity that companies were encouraged to implement to ensure the safety of their employees.

As we continue to work from home, have you asked yourself if you are still productive at home? Here are the tell-tale signs that you are suffering from work-from-home burnout and ways to remedy it.

1. Blurred lines between work and home life

You eat your lunch in front of your laptop. Work calls even after official work hours. Working until midnight. Do these sound familiar to you?

The disappearance of your usual work commute and other pre-work rituals paved the way for blurring the lines between your work and personal life. Boundaries have been crossed, and as a result, you end up being more stressed.

Avoid burnout by establishing boundaries. Set a specific time block where you focus solely on your work and your work alone. Ensure others of this schedule and as much as possible entertain work calls during this period only.

Another remedy is to maintain your pre-work routine. Your work commute might be limited from your kitchen to your home office but there are other ways to condition your mind that you are now entering work mode. A simple change to your work-from-home clothes can signal that you are now ready to get down to business.

2. Your work becomes a burden

Establishing a routine to follow when working from home is a great way to develop consistency and enhance productivity. But if your routine ends up like an endless cycle, it can get boring. Getting bored with your work can immediately sap the fun part and hamper your creativity.

If you find yourself unable to withstand the rest of your workday, maybe it’s time to reestablish your inspiration. Have a moment of reflection and think about why you started your career in the first place. Incorporating small creative activities into your daily routine can break the cycle and stimulate inspiration. These reminders will give you that much-needed energy boost into your everyday work life.

3. Social isolation becomes overwhelming

Pre-COVID days, when life at the office goes amiss, there’s always the comfort of venting out to your colleagues during lunchtime. Those long hours in the office can be manageable with small breaks and chit chat with your work friends. Now that you are working from home, you miss the office chatter or casual breaks that makes your work more fun and the stress tolerable.

Even if you are working from home, this should not hinder you from getting social support from your colleagues. Having someone to converse with, either with work troubles or personal problems, reduces work burnout. Make an effort to reach out to your colleagues. A short video call after work or a quick catch up can help you destress and stay connected.

Working from home gives you more control over how to structure your workday. This freedom should come with a conscious responsibility that you won’t fall into the pitfalls of burnout. Be mindful of these signs and try to resolve them as soon as you notice their manifestation. Take control of your work life and have a balanced and manageable work-from-home life.


Work-From-Home Burnout: Causes and Cures