A virtual interview is one of the innovative ways to connect to the corporate world. During this pandemic, one of the essential discussions involves our daily routines like what do we do, what challenges did we conquer, or what are the things that the organization we belong to has accomplished to survive this phenomenon. 

Just in case you have an upcoming job interview through video conferencing, here are some tips on how to ace it virtually!

1. Give a little background about your current work setup

One of the most asked questions is the work setup of a candidate. These are the schedules made by the company to maintain a functioning business and a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. Recruiters aim to know whether you are working from home, reporting to the office, or both, which we call a hybrid work setup. 

Start your answer by introducing your current work schedule to the devices you have been using since the new normal started. These questions will determine your capability to work either at home with your resources or at the office. If you have other factors that the Recruiter might need to consider, you may also bring them up in this discussion.

2.       The new hobbies or interests that helped you get through the pandemic today

This question is the new normal version of “tell me about yourself”

Since numerous people experienced stress and anxiety from the changes and adjustments due to the pandemic, it has brought cabin fever, Coronasomnia, and other high-risk health conditions. The Recruiters are interested to know about the activities that kept you away from the stress and other unhealthy conditions. 

It is your opportunity to put first good impression by presenting yourself as a candidate and an individual. Connect with your Recruiter by engaging them with your newly found hobbies, interest, and discoveries. Tell your current routine, lifestyle, and views that motivate you to wake up every day and get through the pandemic.

3.       Your virtual appearance

Now that we are in front of the camera during job interviews, we must consider being virtually presentable. Here are some key points to consider for your virtual appearance.

– Choose a simple and professional look that is also comfortable for you. Make sure that everything visible on your camera is orderly and neat.

– Natural eye contact with your Recruiter. Eye-to-eye connection is significant in every interview as it depicts the transparency of the candidate. Selecting the “hide self-view” button may also help you to focus on the Recruiter and the questions rather than be distracted by yourself on the screen. 

– Your camera setup. Set up your device with a steady material that can support its weight and stand firm. Avoid a busy background as it might cause distraction during the interview.

Technology has innovated so much in our world today. We must move forward with the changes and use them as an advantage for our plans in the future.  

For recruitment, it is one of the most effective means for our processes. As for a candidate, it is an opportunity to innovate and present yourself confidently and affirmative. 

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