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With the current scenario brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, group gatherings are discouraged and nearly impossible. For the office setup, this means no more physical meetings or group brainstorming. Gone are the days when people could gather in the conference room for either a quick or lengthy brainstorming session. Fortunately, today’s technology has saved us again. Here are a few ideas on how to make virtual brainstorming fun and effective.

1.Send the agenda in advance

No one wants their time wasted for meetings that should have been an email. The same applies to virtual meetings and brainstorming sessions. You need to make sure that every minute of your session is used productively. This is possible if everyone comes prepared and ready to share their ideas. Sending the agenda in advance is one way to save everyone’s time and avoid dead air that can stretch the meeting for ages.

2.Start off alone

Now that you know the agenda, it is time to think first on your own. Use the free days before your brainstorming session to generate a few ideas and see how it fits the set topic. If you are having a hard time formulating one, use the internet for research. Also, a simple physical exercise such as walking can help in stimulating your brain to think of unique ideas that can be valuable to your brainstorming session.

3.Make use of collaborative software and apps

Just like in ordinary times, use visual aids to help participants with the flow of discussion and to encourage more ideas. Make use of an online whiteboard to illustrate all the ideas given. Creating a shared document where everyone can edit and share also helps in promoting collaborative thinking

This pandemic has changed the way business is done in the modern world. But if there is a silver lining in this situation, it forced people to be more creative in solving problems. Scenarios such as prohibiting meetings, corporate gatherings, or even simple brainstorming sessions allowed people to think outside the box. It leads people to think of ideas on how to manage the business while adhering to health and safety protocols.


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