Countless meetings. Urgent deadlines. Reports for submission. Do you often find yourself wishing for a couple more hours per day? Do you often wonder how billionaires build their empires with the same 24 hours that we have? Don’t you wish you could learn their most kept secrets to productivity?

We might not be billionaires with lots of companies to manage. Still, we could always learn a thing or two from those who have achieved success in life. Here are 3 simple productivity tips from billionaires that you could apply to your daily work life.

1.  Find your focus

Some people think that multitasking is the key to getting more things done. But in reality, it only divides your focus, resulting in poor, mediocre outcomes. If you want to achieve the best results, dedicate your attention to accomplishing a single task before proceeding with the next one.

Some billionaires do this by assigning a specific theme or job for the day. Think of “no-meeting Wednesdays” or “product marketing Tuesdays”. By structuring your day in this manner, it’s easier to regain your focus if you end up getting distracted. 

You could also try the “deep work” technique. In this practice, you mentally prepare yourself to dedicate your whole attention to finishing a specific task with absolutely zero distractions.

2. Say no to time wasters

It might come as a surprise that some billionaires try to avoid meetings as much as possible. Meetings, especially the unnecessary ones, are absolute productivity killers and often lead to derailing your focus the entire day.

While it may seem impossible to forgo meetings, try to implement several changes to its structure. Check with your team for suggestions on how you can make your meetings more effective and efficient. Set an agenda beforehand and try to keep the meetings as quickly as possible.

3. Practice meditation

While meditation is an after-office activity, we can reap its benefits and apply it to our daily lives. Meditation is a practice often included in the daily routine of billionaires. It helps them improve their focus and concentrate more on their insights and ideas. This makes it easier to translate these ideas into income-generating strategies.

Not everyone can become a billionaire. But we can always learn from their best practices and apply it to our lives to make the most out of our day. Who knows, if you continue to follow these tips and persevere even more, someday you might end up as another successful billionaire.


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